Montag, 1. Februar 2010

my blog entry

how can i start this blog
well i dont know yet what kind of blog this will be
but i think it will be an fashion food and life blog about me and the world around me
yes maybe and another mindless blog but hey i dont post only pictures of models or something else i post my own pictures yes!!! a new sensation!!!

i see this blog like a dairy
i think every girl who has an blog use this like a diary
i think tomorrow i will take my first photos and my first real post
oh man i talk with myself (sometimes i do this in real but im not insane!)
yes this is only my editorial
my access, okay enough
i dont want to write a book

alright i think thats okay for my access

love melodie

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naomuack hat gesagt…

hahaha! goo goo.
i will check your blog all the time !